Reducing Poverty One Family at a Time!


It starts with raising awareness. It is really only through understanding that solutions can be born. By hosting Poverty Simulations, Trainings on Poverty, Panels where families share their stories and our Race Against Poverty, Support Circles raises awareness and educates the community so that together we can build a path our of poverty.


We create intentional relationships across race and class lines. And together we work to look for solutions. We find that with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we can actually create better, more effective solutions!


Together we work on effective solutions! The Gleaning Project, Healthy Options, SNAP Double Dollars, Campus Kitchens at Gettysburg College, and our School Partnerships are a few of the solutions that have come from Support Circles Collaborating with community partners. We know that together we can do so much more - because we have!

Community Solutions

Awareness, Relationships,  And Solutions!

Support Circles is a community engagement initiative that begins with the experiences of local families. We think we know, but families experiencing poverty really know what the barriers are, and they want to be part of the solution.  Because Support Circles works with families and allies to look at poverty on an individual and systematic level, we look for solutions that address both aspects of poverty.

The Wage Gap

Understand the Cost/Benefit Analysis of Leaving Poverty

When Cara moved from poverty to self-sufficiency we watched as she hit barrier after barrier making it difficult to move her family out of poverty.  It gave us a better understanding of why the challenge is so difficult - that understanding allowed us to work to create a path out of poverty!

After watching Cara's struggles, Devan Grote '11, a Heston intern from Gettysburg College, documented what happens as someone works hard to move their families to self-sufficiency.