Support Circles Allies

Our Committed Volunteers

"We think we know, and yet we find we have no idea."

"I receive much more than I give."

"I would have never known these amazing people if not for Support Circles."

"The perseverance of these families is amazing."


Those are the voices of our community volunteers.  After families investigate poverty, they are matched with 2 - 4 community volunteers who want to walk beside a family as they work to move out of poverty.


They provide emotional support, new perspectives, an increased network, and a listening ear.  They receive similar things in return, along with a deep understanding of the struggles families living in poverty go through. 

The Wage Gap shows how difficult it is for families to move out of poverty.  It shows the systematic issues that keep families stuck.  Volunteers join with our families as we look for solutions.  Everyone gives, everyone receives.  We believe that everyone has gifts to give and communities are enriched when we all bring our gifts to the table! 

Please seeOur Results page to read the stories of Support Circles Families and their volunteer supporters.

Reducing Poverty One Family at a Time!