Reducing Poverty One Family at a Time!

A NOTE FROM SCCAP's  Executive Director

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We had no idea that starting Circles in our communities would have such a far-reaching and dramatic impact, on not only the families and volunteers, but our agency and the communities we serve.  Really hearing from families, and enabling them to be part of the solution, changes everything!


We are so grateful for the support that’s made it all possible!


Megan L Shreve


South Central Community Action Agency Programs, Inc. (SCCAP), the fiscal agent for Support Circles and the Community Action Agency for Adams and Franklin Counties in Pennsylvania, began looking for programs to help families actually move out of poverty in 2006.  We found Circles (now Circles USA), started by Move the Mountain Leadership Center, in 2007 and began working with our community partners.  Later we transitioned to a more local program, Support Circles, which we operate in both Adams and Franklin Counties in Pennsylvania. We have worked in each local community to modify the model in a way that works for that community. While the tactics may differ the goal is the same - building a path out of poverty in the local community while working to change policy at the State and Federal level!  

It is amazing to see the difference it makes when we take time to really listen

to families!

Our History

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